Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run

logo doctors nsThis years Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run will take place on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at The Big Fiddle, Joan Harriss Pavilion, Sydney, NS. Activities will begin at 9:30 am, and the race starts at 10:00 am.

Please use our FAQ below to learn more about the Doctor's Nova Scotia Youth Run.

And please see the Parents & Guardians Info below

Frequently Asked Questions - Doctors NS Youth Run


Question 1: How do I register for the youth run?

Answer : Early Registration by May 10: Guaranteed t-shirt.

  1. Online using Webscorer The online registration fee is $12.00 which includes the registration fee of $10 and a $2.00 administration fee charged by Webscorer.
  2. Download a hard copy of the pdf2019 Registration Form.pdf from the website and mail or deliver to: 40 Damion St, Sydney River, B1S 3C7 by May 10.
  3. At school, through Kids' Run Club if a coach is available. No registrations will be accepted at school after May 10.

Late Registration After May 10- no guarantee of a t-shirt.

  1. Online at our website. Online registration will stay open until Thursday, May 30th at noon.
  2. On Friday, May 31st at the YMCA Membertou Branch from 5-7pm.
  3. On the morning of the run, at the Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion between 8-9 am.

Question 2: If I have to cancel my registration, what is the process?

Answer: Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Question 3: When and where do I pick up my t-shirt and bib?

Answer: If you register through your school or online before the May 10 deadline, we will make every effort to deliver the t-shirt and run bib to your school (in CBRM) several days before the Youth Run. If registered after May 10, shirts can be picked up from 5-7pm on Friday, May 31st at YMCA Membertou Branch or at the Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion between 8-9am on run day morning.


Question 1: What is the route?

Answer: The run starts at the Big Fiddle, proceeding down the Esplanade to Ortona Street, east on Ortona St. to George St., south on George St. to Dorchester St., west on Dorchester St. to the Esplanade and back to the Finish at the Big Fiddle.

Question 2: Will there be water along the route?

Answer: There is one water stop on Dorchester Street between George and Charlotte St., and water available at the finish line.

Question 3: What distance is the route?

Answer: Children in elementary school will complete 1 lap of the route listed above which is 2.1 kms. Children in middle school will complete 2 laps or 4.2 kms.

Question 4: How do you ensure everyone is safely off the course before opening up the roads back to traffic?

Answer: To ensure the safety of all children, we will be doing a sweep. At the end of the 2.1 km run, elementary school-aged children will be directed to the finish line. The middle school children will be instructed to complete the route again, however, a cut-off time will be imposed. If the middle school age child doesn’t finish their first lap within a half hour, they will be instructed to head to the finish line rather than complete the second lap. Caution tape will be put up to indicate that the cut-off time to complete the second lap has passed. The reasoning behind the cut-off time is to ensure that every child remains safe at all times and are off the roads before the roads are opened up to traffic.

Run Day

Question 1: My child is preschool age. Can s/he participate?

Answer: Absolutely, we have a Tiny Tots Trot for preschool age children. Parents must be with their child at all times. The Tiny Tots Trot is on the Big Fiddle site and is scheduled to start and finish before the youth run starts. There will be a games corner for the preschool age children to play before the Tiny Tots Trot begins. The games corner will be open from 9:15 -10 am. The Tiny Tots Trot will begin at 9:30 am and last for approximately 5-10 minutes. Preschool age children can return to the games corner with a parent and guardian until 10 am, or go with their parents to watch the youth run.

Question 2: What time do we need to arrive for the run?

Answer: If you haven't received your t-shirt and bib or need to register, we suggest you arrive between 8 and 9 am. Run activities start promptly at 9:30 am, with the run beginning at 10 am.

Question 3: How do people line up for the start line?

Answer: Before the start, runners will get in grade level groupings. Please look for signage. The middle school students will start first, followed by, Grade 5s, Grade 4s, etc. all the way to Grade Primary.

Question 4: Can I run with my child?

Answer: Yes, you can run with your child without registering. If you decide to register yourself, you will receive a t-shirt and medal as well.

Question 5: Are pets, child strollers and other equipment allowed on the route?

Answer: To ensure the safety of all participants on the route, baby strollers and baby joggers are allowed but must stay to the right at all times. Pets are NOT allowed in the Joan Harriss Pavilion, on-site or on the route.

Question 6: Can my child walk instead of run?

Answer: Yes. Children are encouraged to complete the route by jogging/walking.

Question 7: How should I wear my run bib?

Answer: The bib should always be worn on your front and be clearly visible so that we can identify runners in middle school that will be doing two laps.

Question 8:   What precautions have you taken to ensure safety on the route?

Answer: Course marshals, who will be wearing neon Volunteer t-shirts will be along the entire route. There will also be Police personnel on motorbikes and bicycles patrolling the course.

Question 9: What about cars?

Answer: No cars will be operating on the side streets, however, George St. will go down to one lane of traffic. It is very important that the children stay on the right side of the road on George St. headed south between Ortona St. and Dorchester St., as cars may be on the other side of the road. Course marshals will be on site to ensure that all children are aware to stick to the right side of George St. southbound, as well as traffic cones to define the running boundary.

Question 10: Can I wear my earbuds during the run?

Answer: No. For your safety and the safety of others, earbuds, or headphones of any type are not permitted. We fear that you will miss important warnings that could cause injury to yourself, fellow runners, and volunteers.

Question 11: Where do I park on run morning?

Answer: Please plan to park on the surrounding streets and walk to the venue. There is limited free parking at the CBRM waterfront parking lots and the Casino. There will be no parking on-site and the entire area will be closed to all but authorized traffic once the run starts.   Allow extra time to get to the run site.


Question 1: Can I meet my child at the finish line?

Answer: Spectators are not allowed to enter the finish line chute unless they are running with their children. We encourage spectators to come and enjoy the post-run atmosphere and celebrate with the runners inside the Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion. However, for the safety of the runners, please ensure you stay off the running course and meet up in a safe spot in the finish area.

Question 2: How am I going to know where to meet my child after the run?

Answer: All participants will receive their medal after crossing the finish line. Parents should plan to meet up with their children in their designated school area following the run. If a student cannot find their parent, they are encouraged to go to the side of the stage inside the Pavillion where a committee member/volunteer will make an announcement or call the parent/guardian's phone. We suggest you add your cell phone number to the front of the bib so that a volunteer can call you if your child is lost.

Question 3: How will I be able to identify a race official if I need information or help?

Answer: Race officials will be wearing Cape Breton Fiddlers Run vests or red shirts with Committee on the back. Volunteers will be wearing bright green shirts with ‘volunteer’ on the back. They will be able to answer your questions or direct you if you need help.

Question 4: Will there be food and water available for runners at the finish line?

Answer: Water and healthy snacks are available to runners inside the pavilion.

Other weekend events

Question 1: What other related events are happening?

Answer: YMCA Healthy Kids Day at 399 Charlotte Street. Immediately following the run, the YMCA is hosting a free event for families and children that includes gym and aqua games, scavenger hunts, geocaching, arts, nutritional challenges and fitness classes. Watch the YMCA of Cape Breton Facebook page and website in the coming weeks for more details.

Download pdf2019 Youth Run FAQ

Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run at the Cape Breton Fiddlers


Youth Run Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019

Location: The Big Fiddle, Joan Harriss Pavilion, Sydney, NS

Time Start: Activities start at 9:30 am, the youth run begins at 10:00 am. For preschool age children, the games corner starts at 9:15 am, with the Tiny Tot Trot beginning at 9:30 am.

Distance: 2.1 km for elementary students; 4.2 km for junior high students.

Serious Medical Conditions: If your child has a medical condition that may be affected by running, please indicate on the front of the bib, Ex: Child's Name; Parent/Guardian Cell #; and any Medical Conditions.

Parking: Parking around the Pavilion will be restricted. Parking is available on Esplanade, George, Charlotte and side streets. Please consider carpooling to avoid traffic congestion.

T-Shirts & Bibs: If participants have not received the shirts at their school, they can pick them up in the foyer of the pavilion on the day of the run between 8-9am. T-shirts MUST be the outermost layer of clothing and bibs must be worn on the front of the shirt.

Pre-race Organization: Participants are asked to gather in their designated grade level groupings as they arrive on site. Look for signage displaying your grade level.

Safety and Security: Cheering on participants in greatly encouraged but STAY OUTSIDE THE COURSE for the safety of all participants. Run organizers, police, medical personnel and volunteers will be on the course to ensure participant’s safety and to answer any questions that you may have.

General Information: Water is provided for participants along the route and afterward inside the pavilion. Fruit will also be available to participants after the run.

Post-race Procedure and Lost Children Gathering Points: All participants will receive their medal after crossing the finish line. Parents should plan to meet up with children in their designated school area inside the Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion following the run. This designated school area will also serve as a lost and found area where students and parents who get separated can plan to meet and wait for one another.

Registration Fee: $10 ( t-shirt, race bib, medal and post-race celebration), however, if you register online, a $2 administration fee charged by Webscorer.

Dogs: Because of the concern about allergies and safety, no dogs are allowed.

Wheels: This is a fun run, so no skateboards, wheelies, in line skates. Strollers are allowed but must stay to the right at all times.

Route: Starts at the Big Fiddle, proceeding down the Esplanade to Ortona Street, east on Ortona St. to George St., south on George St. to Dorchester St, west on Dorchester St. to the Esplanade and back to the Finish at the Big Fiddle.

Thanks to all coaches/parents/guardians for supporting all participants in the Doctors NS Youth Run. Good luck to all participants and remember to KEEP RUNNING/WALKING for exercise and fun!